List Icon The OntVFR Club

The OntVFR club, formalized in 1998, is an unincorporated unregistered unofficial collection of Honda VFR enthusiasts. Most of us live in Ontario, though we've had a few members in surrounding provinces and states, and as far away as British Columbia, and even Australia.

The purpose of the club is to enjoy and increase our common enthusiasm for the Honda VFR motorcycle by sharing knowledge and experiences through casual activities such as weekend rides; organized group events such as seminars, pre-planned rides, and track days; and through on-line discussion on our mailing list.

There are no membership fees, no annual dues, no service charges. There are no membership cards, no newsletters, no club patches (though occasionally there are shirts and caps with the club logo). But membership does have its privileges. You get to participate in a group of fellow VFR enthusiasts, learn more about your bike, and have lots of fun with fellow riders. Your only obligation is to participate in the same cordial manner you find among us.

Why not join the club? All you need to do is get yourself on the mailing list.

Questions? Send them to admin [at] vfr [dot] on [dot] ca