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"Hmm, OTOH, that means riding into the sun and
 headwind all the way there."

..and fatigue from the trip when you do get to the best roads..although if you ride home then you'll have the fatigue and lack of interesting roads the closer you get to home. 
..thinking outloud here.. I agree, Robyn, riding into the sun for days on end would get very old very fast. The headwind would just make it more busy..unless you're on an RT. Then it'd just be the extra fuel use fighting the wind. 
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 Example from YYZ (Toronto) to LHR (London England) the price
 >> $700.00  plus Documentation
 > That price is
 insane! I wish i could afford to go anywhere.
 Not to dismiss your financial
 constraints, but it seems like a pretty
 price to me.  When you compare the price they charge to
 a human being with a suitcase and the
 weight, space, and procedure
 involved in
 that, it doesn't seem too unreasonable to me for
 packing up a motorcycle on a pallet for the
 weight, space, and procedure
 it would
 Jim Brown said
 something about the one-way cost seeming okay if you
 were going to fly your bike somewhere and ride
 home.  I think I would
 do it the other way
 around:  ride from here to California, with the
 anticipation and the best roads awaiting at the
 end of the journey,
 then after ending on
 that high note, pack it up and fly home.
 Hmm, OTOH, that means riding into the sun and
 headwind all the way there.
 I dunno.
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