[OntVFR] speedo joint problem

Robyn B Landers rblanders at uwaterloo.ca
Tue Sep 15 11:40:43 EDT 2015

>   Unless there was a serious 30 degree kink in the cable routing (not
> likely) or a severe lack of lube inside the cable housing (meaning check
> the housing for cracks), the  weak link is that white plastic drive.

I'm thinking you might be right.  I checked my records, and the most
recent replacement was only about 2,000 km ago.  That's ridiculous.
The wire inside the cable is probably not moving freely and the plastic
drive gadget just can't handle the strain.

My records also show that I had stashed the spare one under the seat
so it would be handy for another far-from-home incident like this.
I realize the reason it wasn't there is that I did a bunch of maintenance
on the bike over this past winter and I forgot to put it back.  Sigh.

'93 VFR "Snow White"

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