[OntVFR] speedo joint follow-up

Robyn B Landers rblanders at uwaterloo.ca
Mon Sep 21 10:50:08 EDT 2015

I replaced the speedo joint yesterday.
It wears on the side that fits over the hex-head bolt on the
countershaft sprocket by rounding out enough to skip over the bolt.

Jordan's ideas about casting one or strengthening a stock one
are interesting, but I'm wondering if the joint is deliberately
the weak link, i.e. it is intended to be the part that fails
if anything is going to go wrong.  It's relatively inexpensive
and easy to get to.  If it were really strong, and something
else went wrong from insufficiently free motion, then you'd
maybe be replacing the speedometer or some other more expensive
part in the system.  Or maybe I'm overthinking it.

Anyway, I took off the drive fitting from the end of the cable
and drizzled in a fair bit of cable lube before reassembling.
I'll let you know in another several thousand kilometres whether
this seems to have made any difference.

'93 VFR "Snow White"

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