[OntVFR] The list is quiet.

R Power r_power at rogers.com
Mon Sep 21 11:20:32 EDT 2015

This sounds like a great idea.  

Have done a couple of days at TMP/Cayuga and would be interested in any
Ontario track to have some OntVFR pit camaraderie.

Count me in next year.





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Ok since the list has been so quiet lately, I thought I would through this
out there.


I just want down to the States and picked up two track bikes.  They are 2000
Aprilia RS250s.



I am currently working on getting them running, they both have sat for a
long time.  Both need a serious carb cleaning.


So I am going to be signing up for a few track days next year.  I was
wondering if there is any interest in a list track day?  We use to do

a FAST day as a list I know I went once lol!  It was a lot of fun.



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