[OntVFR] It was 20 years ago today

David I. Davidson did at rogers.com
Mon Sep 21 17:43:19 EDT 2015

You need both.  Snow White for reminiscing and the new one to appreciate how much better a more current bike is.

On 2015-09-21, at 5:33 PM, Robyn B Landers wrote:

> Twenty years ago today I brought Snow White, my 1993 VFR, home to me from
> its original owner.  My wife and I had been on vacation in August of
> 1995 and I had picked up a Bike Trader and spotted an ad for a '93 VFR
> in "immaculate condition", 15,000 km.  I'd had my '83 V45 Sabre for
> ten years by then and was ready for a change.  The VFR was an item of
> interest to me since its introduction, and when the white version came out
> I was seriously tempted, so by the fall of 1995 the time was right.
> I remember arriving at the guy's house thinking everybody says their
> bike is immaculate, but we'll see.  Well, this one was.  There wasn't
> even any brake dust on those white wheels.  He must have used a toothbrush.
> I knew immediately I'd be buying it.
> For the first six or so years, I did a fair bit of riding, with an
> annual summer vacation to destinations such as Vermont and the Maritime
> provinces plus an annual rally in Quebec and other assorted trips.
> After 2001 and the arrival of child, riding time decreased significantly
> and two thousand klicks was a typical season.  It has been increasing
> again over the last couple of years.
> Over these twenty years of ownership the bike has been extremely reliable.
> The only roadside stranding failure was a cooked regulator/rectifier
> and battery, but even then I managed to limp it all the way back
> to the entrance of the campground we were at before it completely died.
> The only other parts failures have been a few instrument panel light bulbs
> and a few speedometer joints.  Everything else has been routine wear
> and tear items.
> Each time Honda came out with a white version I've been somewhat tempted,
> first in 2006 with the little red wing on the tank, then in 2009 with the
> larger black portions, and then in 2014 with the return of the 800 in
> white with black accents.  But am I likely to do it?  Maybe after 20
> years it's time.  ABS and TCS would be nice to have.
> But then again, my bike with its revamped suspension handles well.
> There's enough motor.  It's simple enough that I can work on it myself
> for the most part.  It looks good.  It feels good (well, my knees seem
> to like it a little less each year).  It doesn't owe me much, let alone
> cost me $14K like a new one.  It has only 93,000 km on it, plenty of
> life left.  I don't think the lovely new one I saw at KW Honda on
> the weekend will be coming to my garage any time soon.  Unless I
> could convince myself to have both.
> Robyn
> '93 VFR "Snow White"
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