[OntVFR] The list is quiet.

Doug Kellam kellam at sympatico.ca
Mon Sep 21 19:47:43 EDT 2015

I've still got my factory 99 CBR F4...


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Ontario has some great tracks, grand bend and calabogie are good and have great pavement, I prefer shannonville over tmp, they have similar quality of pavement but I think smp has more of it.

I have a 2001 zx6r track bike with a clean title that I plan on selling come spring.


> On Sep 21, 2015, at 12:56, David I. Davidson <did at rogers.com> wrote:
> I did Shannonville last weekend and Mosport (big track) in May.  I'd like to do something that involves this group next year.
> Not on the big track at Mosport though; it's just too fast.  Smaller track would be fun.  Shannonville was great, if a bit far from Toronto.
> Some of you may have heard of Stuart Nodell; he is a former racer in various classes including Canadian Superbike.  Stuart has taught at FAST.  He is a friend of mine and we've talked about the idea of him leading a track day, providing coaching to participants throughout the day.  I spoke with him last week at  Shannonville and specifically mentioned this group as a candidate for a special type of track day.  Stuart enjoys teaching and sharing his racing experience.  Here's what we discussed about the day:
> - primary objective is to improve riding technique; improve your skills and push the limits of your bike in a safe and secure environment
> - mature seasoned riders, likely 40+ years of age
> - participants that would bring a higher level of respect for other riders on the track; again to promote a safe and secure track day environment (i.e. no ya-hoos making up their own rules of engagement)
> - bring your own bike or rent one; or maybe a "vfr-only" or "sport touring bikes only" session.  I'd like to see Irene and Snow White on the track:)
> - a group that would be willing to help out and support each other if mechanical/service issues arise at the track
> - may be willing to pay a premium for on-track coaching/teaching as well as food and catering (need to see how much of an "appetite" for this exists among VFR club participants)
> - need to determine the economics to make this work - a single day or multiple days (2? 3?); a minimum number of participants is required
> As many  of you know, the cost for a basic track (typically sponsored by a commercially interested party e.g. GP Bikes, Racer5, Riders Choice) is between $160 and $250 per participant.  Nobody really knows each other and the only common interest is the track day.  I think they generally look for 40-60 riders for the day.  I don't know what if would cost to make this feasible, but we're a small bunch and I doubt it would be less than $250 per day.  My understanding is that it is difficult to get track time.
> Over the years I've done Levels 1 and 2 at FAST, and 2 track days this summer.  In each of the two track days we ran 7 sessions, and I found this to be too much.  I skipped the last session of both because I was too tired and concerned about making a mistake.  Wouldn't have made this decision if I was 20, or 30 for that matter.  Glad I did.
> Perhaps fewer, and slightly shorter sessions would be better and more meaningful to ensure that you stay fresh and focused for each session?
> I would be willing to take the lead to organize something and see if this can work, including Stuart Nodell's participation.  Stuart has a relationship with GP Bikes and perhaps they may be interested in participating, given who we are;)
> At this point I'd be interested in knowing the following:
> - how many of you are (really) interested?
> - what price(s) you would be willing to pay? What's your ceiling?
> - are weekends or weekdays preferred?
> Please don't respond to this with reason's why it won't work.  Also, since the price people are willing to pay is personal, you can contact me off list at did at rogers.com if you wish to share your feedback confidentially (hope you are ok with this Robyn)
> Hope to hear from all of you, including the lurkers!  I'll get back to you with a summary of the feedback if and when I receive any.
> ---David
>> On 2015-09-21, at 11:20 AM, R Power wrote:
>> This sounds like a great idea.
>> Have done a couple of days at TMP/Cayuga and would be interested in any Ontario track to have some OntVFR pit camaraderie.
>> Count me in next year.
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>> Ok since the list has been so quiet lately, I thought I would through this out there.
>> I just want down to the States and picked up two track bikes.  They are 2000 Aprilia RS250s.
>> <image001.jpg>
>> I am currently working on getting them running, they both have sat for a long time.  Both need a serious carb cleaning.
>> So I am going to be signing up for a few track days next year.  I was wondering if there is any interest in a list track day?  We use to do
>> a FAST day as a list I know I went once lol!  It was a lot of fun.
>> Jim
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