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Jim Brown jimbrownrn at gmail.com
Mon Sep 21 22:01:06 EDT 2015

Wow who would have thought a comment from last year would get so much reaction a year later lol.  Anyway I would be game for a VFR track day.  I no longer have a vfr of course so I will have to bring the RS250s.  I would not be much interested in the big track at Mosport either.  It is a very fast track and just hard on my little two strokes :)  The Driver Development Track at Mosport is great though,  I have heard it is very expensive to rent though.  Grand Bend is the cheapest for a track day so I assume is more reasonable to rent.  Also it has great run off and seems to be one of the safer tracks.  It is also only about 30 mins from my house.  

As far as age 40 and up for the track day I see where you are going with that but I think it might be a little overkill.  I am 41 and I ride the same as I have for the last 15 years lol.  I would think anyone over 35 and likely anyone on this list (VFR riders are not know to be Squids)  would probably not cause trouble on the track. 

As far as price willing to pay I will have to think about that and email you.   I know that GBM charges $100 for the day, Racer5 with a full catered meal and coaches etc was $209 at the DDT in Mosport.  I paid the DOCC $270 I think it was for their day at the big track at Mosport which I would not do again I don’t think.  It was just too much money for what it was.  

Sounds like we have some interest for sure, sure would be great to put some faces to the names on the list :)


Here is a pic of me on one of my RS250s at the DDT

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