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On Wednesday, 23 September 2015, Doug Kellam <kellam at sympatico.ca> wrote:

> Sure looks like shopping to me...
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> What's up with accessories for the new VFR?
> Apparently there were supposed to be hard bags and handlebar risers
> among other things.  On the Honda Canada web site there is a trunk
> for over $700, a cover, and a set of keys.  On the Honda USA web site
> there is a 12V accessory socket, backrest that attaches to trunk
> (rats, would be nice if it attached to the seat like a Corbin),
> handlebar riser kit, quick shifter, rear carrier, hugger, trunk
> (and trunk base and liner), hard bags ($975 USD), and tank pad.
> The trunk thing in Canada might be a relatively good deal if it
> includes all the stuff needed.  In USA it's all listed separately
> but it's all required:  rear carrier $370 USD, trunk base $400 USD,
> and trunk itself $400 USD.  That's one darn expensive trunk set-up.
> Not that I'm actually shopping for anything.
> Robyn
> '93 VFR "Snow White"
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