[OntVFR] Old VFRs never die!

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Way to go!

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 Subject: [OntVFR] Old VFRs never die!
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 Greetings to all!I just attended FAST Phases 2
 & 3 this last week (15th year in a row). But
 this time, I trailered Irene and used her for both
 sessions.Irene is my
 1999 Yellow VFR. Not much preparation required, other than
 replacing the antifreeze with water, taping up the lights
 and removing the mirrors.I had previously installed a
 full RaceTech front end and a Penske shock on the rear. Last
 year, I also installed a full Delkevic exhaust system and a
 set of Dunlop Q3s..Although it’s heavier
 than the school’s 600cc bikes, it tracked perfectly
 and the acceleration coming out of turns is most
 impressive.I truly had
 a blast. There is nothing that sounds better than that
 engine at full throttle.Not bad at all for a bike
 that has given me 143,000kms of joy so far!  Frederic  
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