[OntVFR] Shopping for a VFR again. Need input on VFR's re: ABS, LBS. And 999

J Tam jordantamlists at gmail.com
Tue May 3 12:28:32 EDT 2016

Hello Listers,
   It's been a long time. Sold the VTR with a busted head. And, Last
Summer, I Inherited a Ducati 999S that  got parked outside for 5 years.
1200 kms on it, but a lot of corrosion and busted fairings, mirror mount,
mirror, timing belts, levers, brake pedal, Tires, seized dry clutch.
Owner's Father is a great friend of mine, but ownership is still in the
Son's name.  I fear my friendship with the Father will go down the crapper
IF  I continue this saga, since he wishes to retain ownership, and allow me
to ride it for free. I've installed new tires, fixed the rusted out clutch
plates, refilled all the fluids and took it out on a dealer plate last Fall
for a weekend. It definitely is more radical than any sportbike I've ever
ridden ( FireBlade, CBR 600RR) , in terms of wrist pain, lower neck pain,
and pegs ... but what a scalpel that thing is.  How's that for a unique

1. Does any insurance company entertain the thought of  a  2006 bike, being
owned by one party yet ridden solely by another?   Since the Son let his M2
lapse last Fall.
2. Advice on how to mothball said 999 in storage IF the Father maintains
his current stance?  I've asked him to sell it to me, hand him a "promisory
note"  to resell it back to him with a month's notice, just So I can feel
good about fixing it up the proper way, instead of his frugal, non-biker,
old craftsman mentality?
3. VFR800.  I'll likely tire of this soap opera this weekend or next and
Just buy a VFR800 just to get back on the saddle.
Any opinions on ABS? VTEC? LBS  from those riders who have tried the 4th
gen, 5th gen, latest gen?  Since, my 1991 VFR had none of these, and I'm
thinking I'd dislike only the VTEC.
4. Thanks again to Robyn and Brian for keeping this list up and running.

Rubber side down y'all, see you on the roads SOON!
Jordan in Toronto
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