[OntVFR] Shopping for a VFR again. Need input on VFR's re: ABS, LBS. And 999

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I would agree from  a function point of view the VTEC was fine and didn’t upset handling. But for me it really annoyed the crap out of me as  often rode right in around where it changed and it would “hunt” back and forth constantly on and off the VTEC.  Some learned to ride around it but I never really liked the feeling of it.

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I am going to throw my 2 cents in here.  I own a 999R and I can say that you are better to walk away from that bike now.  A well maintained Ducati can be a bit temperamental not to mention all the issues that bike has had.  Don’t get me wrong I love my 999R I just couldn’t live with it as my only bike.  It really is one of the last great superbikes hand built by Ducati.  It has has no electronic controls to keep its HP in check so twist the right wrist with respect.  I have never rode a motorcycle the accelerates as violently as the 999.  

I also owned a 2002 VFR, and I think you can ignore all the talk about the VTEC,  it matters not one bit.  I rode my for 30,000km in the mountains of California on the kinds of roads that don’t even exist in this province.  Never once was the vtec intrusive, I have been well leaned over on mountain curves scraping pegs when the vtec kicked in and it never caused upsets.  Seriously overblown issue in my opinion.  Can you feel it come on, sure, does it upset the bike, no.  Its not like its a surprise it turns on at the exact same rpm every time.  

You also asked about the abs lbs.  It works very well, you have to get used to using both brakes though.  If you mostly just use the front brake it isn’t going to feel like it has great stopping power you really have to use the rear brake too.  It is a bit different from that aspect.  Once you get use to using them both correctly the brakes are great.

The VFR is a superb bike, it does everything really well, if your only going to park one bike in the garage and you aren’t partial to any of the adventure style bikes its as good or better then anything else out there I think.  Find a deal on any generation and I think you’ll be happy. 

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