[OntVFR] Shopping for a VFR again. Need input on VFR's re: ABS, LBS. And 999

Karel V- vmotor at yahoo.com
Wed May 4 19:07:08 EDT 2016

Sorry Lisa, I'm no longer in Belleville. I moved to Hamilton last Fall.Dave Weese still lives there though.
Karel V-
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Note sure if anyone is farther east than karel (I believe that's his name) 


On May 4, 2016, at 13:50, J Tam <jordantamlists at gmail.com> wrote:

Anyone know the owners  of these two ads?   
Anyone live near Kingston, Wolfe Island ON?  or London, ON?

Top two choices so far, but for differing use cases.  I'd get the '99 fixer upper with more miles, for a shareable bike, but would get the  '02 Low mileage bike for a Me-Only bike.


Asking  for a Kingston local lister to perform a PDI kinda check, and go put a deposit on the Wolfe Island bike.  Easy stuff, run the engine until the fan kicks in, and then wait for the fan to cycle on/off twice. Jiggle the bars to check for front end clicking.  Anyone?  Bueller?  ;)   Repayment in cured capicollo / cured side bacon / garlic , extra virgin aioli or beer$  .

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