[OntVFR] 2000 VFR-rectifier issue

Brian Polley rbpolley at gmail.com
Tue Aug 8 12:21:26 EDT 2017

Hi All,


I am a "old" list member that hasn't been active on the site for over 10

I have just acquired a 2000 VFR 800 with 18K on it. A nice minty unit from a
88 year old friend. The battery is getting 16.13 volts from the rectifier.
All the surrounding components check ok, per the manual. Is this the
beginning of the end of the stock rectifier?? I assume so and that also
assume, I am cooking the battery.

I am considering a "Ricks Motorsport" replacement from FortNine at $200
rather than a OEM replacement for $300. According to the dealer this part
has never been updated and this bike has no pending recalls.






Brian Polley

Kelowna (Smokey) BC




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