[OntVFR] OntVFR Digest, Vol 42, Issue 14

Taylor, Brad brad.taylor at tc.gc.ca
Thu Aug 10 10:36:20 EDT 2017

"Quote" Brad what do you mean by character?

I've never really been happy with the inline 4 experience and I've owned my share over the years. It does the job well enough, as well as any powerplant, but it doesn't stir my soul like a twin or V4 can just by hearing it. It's not a question of power delivery or torque because they all deliver that in quantities we can't fully utilize on the road anyway. It's the sound. 

I'm back in Ottawa again, having left Moncton last year after the family staged a coup and left me there. My wife opened a small boutique clothing store in Kemptville and we are balls deep in a home renovation / restoration that's eating up all available time and cash. I have found time for a couple of car projects though with the resurrection of a 1985 Toyota Supra just completed and a bunch of Mini Cooper S stuff that entertained me for a while. It's all slowly coming together and I fully expect that next year the pull of the open road will have me hunting for another steed.

Brad Taylor

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