[OntVFR] 1st time 25 yrs I am vfrless.

Robyn B Landers rblanders at uwaterloo.ca
Wed Aug 9 11:17:56 EDT 2017

A quick googling of "Honda CBF1000 stator recall" turns up plenty
of references.

Is there any Honda motorcycle that doesn't have charging system flaws?


It is kind of surprising that a company willing to implement V-TEC
and DCT on motorcycles hasn't bothered to solve the charging system
weaknesses once and for all.

Then again, some more googling turns up:

"Suzuki Recalls 70,000 motorcycles for faulty rectifier"
"rectifier/regulator failure - Yamaha R6 Forum"
"Battery/stator/rectifier/regulator issue - Yamaha R1 Forum"
"The upgrade fix: no more charging/regulator/rectifier problems" (Ducati
"Stator? Rectifier Regulator? WTF?" Ducati Monster site

Seems we are not the only ones.

'93 VFR "Snow White"

>> On Aug 9, 2017, at 10:25 AM, Pierre Riendeau <priendeau22 at gmail.com>
>> wrote:
>> I thought there was a recall on the CBF regarding faulty stator?

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