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A coup!!!
I'm not surprised actually.  Moncton is so different from Ottawa in so many


On Aug 10, 2017 10:37 AM, "Taylor, Brad" <brad.taylor at tc.gc.ca> wrote:

> "Quote" Brad what do you mean by character?
> I've never really been happy with the inline 4 experience and I've owned
> my share over the years. It does the job well enough, as well as any
> powerplant, but it doesn't stir my soul like a twin or V4 can just by
> hearing it. It's not a question of power delivery or torque because they
> all deliver that in quantities we can't fully utilize on the road anyway.
> It's the sound.
> I'm back in Ottawa again, having left Moncton last year after the family
> staged a coup and left me there. My wife opened a small boutique clothing
> store in Kemptville and we are balls deep in a home renovation /
> restoration that's eating up all available time and cash. I have found time
> for a couple of car projects though with the resurrection of a 1985 Toyota
> Supra just completed and a bunch of Mini Cooper S stuff that entertained me
> for a while. It's all slowly coming together and I fully expect that next
> year the pull of the open road will have me hunting for another steed.
> Brad Taylor
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