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How tall is the KTM Super Duke?

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 Andrew said:
 If you really want power
 and handling in a sport touring bike it looks like the KTM
 Super Duke 1290 could be just the ticket. More powerful than
 any of its competition at 173 horse power but according to
 the reviews is comfortable to ride and will accommodate a
 passenger comfortably.  Only about 450 lbs dry weight
 I was sitting this one out
 thinking that I'd made the point enough times that it
 was getting annoying. But what Andrew said is understatement
 IMO. It's easily the most comfortable bike I've ever
 experienced, I added the KTM Powerparts seat and Knight
 Design footpegs that gave me near 2" more legroom when
 I already had more than ever before. I've got the SW
 Motech saddle bags, superior kit with fantastic mounting
 system. Add a tail bag and it's not far off a
 Givi-equipped VFR for capacity. No windscreen because I find
 the pressure perfect at 80 - 120 KPH as to be comfortable. 
 Handling is better than most
 sport bikes, linear and predictable. Not as flickable as
 say, an RSV4, but can be ridden very aggressively with
 confidence. Feels small for a 1300cc bike, I believe the dry
 weight is 424 lbs, wet is about 450. It's narrow and
 short, up on the pegs and you can putt around in tiny
 circles like a dirt bike. I rode an FJR once and it was
 impressive but like many have qualified, impressive for a
 BIG bike. It feels big.  The traction control ABS and
 slipper clutch are all excellent. The power is, well, just
 insane. It seems much more than the numbers, this thing will
 happily wheelie at 160kph (sport mode trac off).
 I've said it before,
 don't buy anything until you've ridden one of these.
 I noted the reviews when it came out and thought "Wow,
 but I have a great bike, I only ride 3-4k per season, I
 don't need a new/other bike." Then I rode a
 buddy's and couldn't live without it. Last season I
 put 7k on it including one 7 hour day riding back to Nelson
 from Kamloops. Got an early start,  7 hours to Nelson,
 arrived 1 PM ish, had a bite, weather was perfect, so why
 not? Took off the bags (1 minute) jumped on and went for a 2
 hour local rip. It's just that comfortable and that much
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