[OntVFR] VFR vs FJR vs ST

Derrick Csongradi derrick.csongradi at gmail.com
Fri Aug 11 16:17:27 EDT 2017

Interesting thread and timely for me. My 2000 VFR 140K is the best purchase
I have ever made but it is getting old and tired and requires additional
investment. Other then sentimental reasons it does not make economic sense.
It was award winning in it's day but today's best middle weight sport
tourers are now cross overs. I will be going to the super bike races at
Canadian Tire Motorsport track in another week and will do some demo rides.
My riding season consists of about 90% extended overnight trips usually
across the border for about 7k annually. The first and last day are a
little uncomfortable at 59yrs old with super slabbing. Once I am in the
twisty hills and that V4 growl and sweet spot above 6000rpm kicks in,then
it is riding nirvana for me. In those conditions the bike is a perfect fit.
I will try and keep an open mind but the child in me is whispering a low
mileage 2014 VFR.

Cheers Derrick

On Fri, Aug 11, 2017 at 2:45 AM Sandy Cameron <sandy.alexcameron at gmail.com>

> I loved my 2000 Vfr. With about 23K km so far this summer - I am loving my
> 2016 Fjr. A great touring bike. A bit top heavy compared to the Vfr -
> especially with a full tank on a slanted parking lot - but it disappears
> once u are underway.
> On Aug 10, 2017 13:26, "RICK MAHER" <rick_maher at hotmail.com> wrote:
>> Both bikes have amplified characteristics of the VFR. The FJR is more
>> sport while the ST is more touring. I enjoy taking it easier away from home
>> so the ST is the better choice for me. The FJR is lighter and easier to
>> move if you have to wheel it around in a parking lot but the ST feels
>> lighter underway. I am 5'10" and sit ON the FJR but IN the ST.
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