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Remeber wearing earbuds well driving is illegal in Ontario ;)
Saying that, I've got a set of Big Ear custom plugs, which allows me to hear the helmet speakers from my Cardo G4 perfectly at hwy speeds.

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+1 for Etymotic earbuds

On Aug 14, 2017, at 7:27 AM, Andrew Carlyle <carlyle.andrew at gmail.com> wrote:

What I do is use Etymotic headphones. They are expensive but they work very well.  The ones I use are in this link:

They block sound like a good set of earplugs and have great sound. They offer different options for tips including ones that look sponge earplugs. You need to experiment with the various tips to see which one works for you. In your case Derrick I know you have a Sena 20s (like me) so you can plug headphones into it instead of using the built in speakers. If all you are listening to is the GPS instructions then the headphones are overkill. But if you listen to music the improvement in quality is dramatic.  For me the Sena and the headphones together are awesome. Great sound when you want it but ambient noise is significantly reduced.  

On Sun, Aug 13, 2017 at 6:14 PM, Derrick Csongradi <derrick.csongradi at gmail.com> wrote:
That makes sense when you are on the track running close to red line with an aftermarket exhaust or you prefer to ride in stealth mode. For me I would like to keep the noise below 85 decibels to prevent hearing loss while still able to hear a conversation. The No Noise Motorsport ear plugs let me do this. With their added technology I am now able to do listen to my Bluetooth headset. I work construction and I am 59 yrs of age with mild hearing loss. At work I have been using the 3M classic expanding ear plugs. These plugs worked fine on the bike until I got my Bluetooth headset and required a different solution.
On Sun, Aug 13, 2017 at 4:26 PM devin at thebarbers.net <devin at thebarbers.net> wrote:

    I like DB Blockers.
Custom mold, fitted. 
They keep your mold on file for 5 years, in case you lose or break or want a different pair.
I have a set for the race track, a set for street riding, a set for sleeping...etc.
They are expensive, but i think worth it.

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I have been struggling to get good sound with my bluetooth headset and GPS. The sound level and quality had been too weak. After some research I found that certain earplugs can make a difference. Today I tried my No Noise motorsport earplugs that have a hollow core stem pertuding out of them that is suppose to filter out wind noise etc. Eureka problem solved after over a year with fiddling with it. My scenario is as follows, mild hearing loss, Sena 20S and Garmin 660 LM. Cost of earplugs about $50. One minor complaint is that with my thick fingers I need tweezers to remove them but apparently so do others.
Cheers Derrick


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