[OntVFR] Best Sport Touring Motorcycle of 2017

northernvfrdave northernvfrdave at gmail.com
Mon Aug 14 19:08:15 EDT 2017

In today's world can we believe these types of stories anymore? 
I'm not doubting what they are saying, never riden either but. The media world goes around because of adversting dollars. And if you read other best in class stories on the site. Best Dual sport/adventure KTM, best standard Kawi. Best off-road KTM..
And on thier site, I see lots of ads from KTM and Kawi...
Snowtrax TV and magazine always gave Polaris best in class awards. And Polaris was always thier top advertiser. Last year Skidoo won a bunch of thier awards, because they became top advertiser. 
They are all sellouts to who pays thier bills.

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