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Sorry to chime in late .  On vacation on the bikes in the Ottawa valley and checking email infrequently . Just dealt with a similar scenario moderate + hearing loss scala g4 zumo 350 and music on phone. I contacted a local hearing aid supplier and discussed the issues with audiologist and her suggestion was musicians earplugs . They have a filter that blocks ambient frequencies but allows voice frequencies .  They are not cheap  $250 but they are customer moulded and the business in Waterloo that I used has excellent customer service . The brand name is Benefon so I think that any hearing aid supplier that deals with them should be able to get them for you.

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I have been struggling to get good sound with my bluetooth headset and GPS. The sound level and quality had been too weak. After some research I found that certain earplugs can make a difference. Today I tried my No Noise motorsport earplugs that have a hollow core stem pertuding out of them that is suppose to filter out wind noise etc. Eureka problem solved after over a year with fiddling with it. My scenario is as follows, mild hearing loss, Sena 20S and Garmin 660 LM. Cost of earplugs about $50. One minor complaint is that with my thick fingers I need tweezers to remove them but apparently so do others.


Cheers Derrick

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