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Id happily kick in a few bucks.... can PayPal or interact e-transfer..

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What are the domain fees?
Can you set up a donation bucket or can we just email donation to you to support this cause.?

On Aug 28, 2017 4:55 PM, "Robyn B Landers" <rblanders at uwaterloo.ca> wrote:
Those of you who've been on the list a long time may recall that

Pyramid Plastics sent me a shipment of a sampling of their products.

I remember showing them to some list members, and I kind of remember

bringing some to our rally in Bancroft to give away as door prizes.

I thought I still had some left, larger items that would have been

hard for me to bring along, but I cannot find them.

Could I possibly have given them all away at that rally?

Anybody remember how much swag I brought?  Was there anything sizeable,

like a hugger, or was it all little items like a faux carbon-fibre

tank pad or a Fenda-Extenda?

If I still have any stuff left, I was going to offer it for sale at

modest prices here and use the proceeds to pay for annual internet

domain renewals of vfr.on.ca, but I did a whole lot of archaeology

in the garage yesterday and turned up nothing.  If it's really all gone,

then that's one less thing for my conscience to nag me about every

so often.


'93 VFR "Snow White"


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