[OntVFR] a different rider training, June 24

Robyn B Landers rblanders at uwaterloo.ca
Sat Jun 17 08:45:22 EDT 2017

Hey all,

Some of you will recognize the name Mike Moloney.  Many years ago he
the Cycle Canada / Parry Sound sportbike rally. Later he worked for Cycle
Canada as sales director for ten years. Oh, and he used to ride a VFR :-)

I just got email from him about his latest mission. He's associated with the
Peak Rider organization, and wanted us to know about a different kind of
rider training event he's conducting at Honda Canada HQ on Saturday June 24.
Here's an excerpt of his email...

   "During the time in the UK I became an advanced road riding instructor
and recently
    upgraded that certification to advanced examiner status (currently the
only one in
    North America).  Advanced riding in the UK does not take the form of
    around cones in parking lots or attempting to adapt track-based skills
to the real
    world of public roads.  It’s based on the way police riders are
trained and it’s
    highly developed.

    "The Roadcraft Safety Workshop - modelled on the UK’s award-winning
BikeSafe scheme -
    brings this information to a North American audience.  Last year I
presented this
    workshop to groups in Toronto, Seattle and Eugene, Oregon.  At each
location, it was
    extremely well-received and the positive ripples are still being felt.

    "Virtually anyone riding a motorcycle, novice to old-hand, can benefit
from this.  I
    developed this program for riders in the military but the material is
equally valid
    for anyone, it’s just a matter of how it’s presented to a specific
group.  I thought
    it might be of interest to your organisation, and particularly those
who wish to be
    better, safer riders."

Here's some contact info:
   +1 858 353 8613
   mike at peakrider.com

I know many of you have done FAST and other rider training events so I
this one might be of interest as well.

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