[OntVFR] Schuberth Bluetooth SRC Headset for Schuberth C3 Pro For Sale.

Andrew Carlyle carlyle.andrew at gmail.com
Sat May 13 17:03:52 EDT 2017

If anyone has a Schuberth C3 Pro and is looking for the Schuberth SRC
Systems (bluetooth headset that fits into the C3 Pro) I have one for sale.
The unit I have is a few years old (maybe four or five years old) but it
works fine and is in good condition. A couple of things to note. Since this
is an older unit it is basically the equivalent of a Cardo G4.  The new SRC
has been updated to be the equivalent of a Cardo G9. All the electronics in
these units are made by Cardo and supplied to Schuberth. Cardo is probably
the biggest player in the motorcycle bluetooth headset game.

Price of the current G9 equivalent is $419. For example see here:


I am looking to get $175 for this unit.

NOTE: This is specific to the Schuberth C3 Pro and will not fit any other
Schuberth helmet nor can it be used with any other brand of helmet. The
Schuberth C3 Pro has a built in antenna that you connect it to. Without
this antenna it is is basically useless. So far as I know the C3 Pro is the
only helmet that has this integrated antenna.

Mini Review:

This is an okay but not stellar unit. The speakers are kind of tinny and
can lack volume if you have a lot of wind noise around you. You can hear it
through ear plugs but don't expect high fidelity sound for your music.
Battery life is good and you can go all day on a single charge. It is
limited to a maximum of four rider to rider connections but to use it in
the four person configuration is a bit of a pain in my humble opinon. Works
fine when just paired to a second unit.  Pairs flawlessly with any Cardo G4
or later unit but may have trouble with the earlier Cardo units.  I also
had no problem pairing it to my Garmin 660 GPS and my iPhone 5S. It will
not pair with any other brands although Sena advertises a universal pairing
option for their units. I haven't tried it so can't comment on how well
that might work.

One advantage it has over most of the external units is that is stated to
be waterproof versus water resistant for the external units. I have ever
had a problem with it even in day long downpours.

It has VOX so you can activate the intercom by speaking to it. In my
experience you have to shout to get it going and if you swear loudly at it
then it seems to wake up faster. Range is stated to be 700 meters but all
these bluetooth devices are line of sight so range gets reduced sometimes
dramatically when you have any kind of obstruction in the way.

Schuberth offers an app to configure it with your computer and to update
the firmware. However Schuberth does not update the firmware very much. I
think there have only been one or two updates since I got my unit. Cardo
has gone through a bunch more on their G4 units. However as noted it
functions fine and does the intended job.
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