[OntVFR] First vfr ride this year yesterday

mike mckinnon 2bikemike at gmail.com
Sun May 28 21:58:00 EDT 2017

Since I see some life on this channel,  I'll chime in.   Last year my limit
was 2 hrs on my lovely, sexy, Red vfr before knee cramps, hip pain and
arm&shoulders were done, followed by neck issues.   It was a mess of body
pains.  Yesterday I spent 4.5 hrs out there doing 225 kliks and was great
improvement over last year.  That last 45 kliks I started to get inner
thigh and butt stress pain from that hard original seat.  Down here the
roads are still all straight and flat, 99.9% so there's not much butt
movement to break it up.

Overall I'm  pleased with this first outing.   Riding this thing makes me
feel younger than I am minus the pains.  More rides to do on the Wing and
cruizer but the veeefer will get a few more till it hurts to much.

Safe season to all of yas no matter what your riding.
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