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Good to hear your bike made the move and you see giving it some exercise.

Am just North of you - 20 mins up the 404 from 401 which makes the Muskokas a day ride for me.

Let me know if you want to clean your tires on any of the usual suspects up that way, as I can usually get it together for weekend day ride.

- The Sprucedale Inn is usually a great destination, even in the summer...







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Just got back on the mail list, as we have moved and I lost my Cogeco email account, before getting everything switched over to Gmail.


Left our suburban home in Belleville and have jumped in to hell of condo life. At the centre of the universe, big smoke, the 6, or as most know it Toronto. 


Wife lost her job last year after 27 years as a national manager with Sears. And well Belleville real doesn't offer much in the way of employment for her skill set. 


I'm not sure what this is going to do for the bike. It got a nice spot in the parking garage. And with the wife working every other weekend now, there are lots of roads for me to explore just north of the city. So could be a good riding year...






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