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Speaking of "Banned" motorcycles, I have a 2001 Honda XR650L dual sport which is just a big fat slow (33 hp) dirt bike and it is now on the "Banned" list with a number of insurance companies. I shopped around and the best I could get was just under $600 for the year and that's just liability. They won't entertain insuring my wife's CRF150F which is a simple strictly off road trail bike. 

It's like they simply don't want to be in the business.

Brad Taylor

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   1. Re: Insurance (yes again) (Jim Brown)


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I pay 850ish on my Ducati 999 and my BMW R1200 GSA each, (with TD)  I called Johnson for a quote (I have my auto insurance with them (Group Discount)).  
Unfortunately both bikes are on their banned list.  Seriously why would the BMW be on a banned list it is by no means a speed demon.
So I am guessing a lot of people won?t be having much luck unless its not a sport bike and likely under 1000cc Jim

> On Mar 24, 2018, at 10:29 AM, Robyn B Landers <rblanders at uwaterloo.ca> wrote:
> The samples so far:
> Me: $1120, TD (formerly Primmum), $1M liability, PLPD, no other 
> coverage, no multi-vehicle or group discounts or anything else.  2000 km per year.
> Semi-rural location just west of Waterloo
> David Davidson: $850, Dalton Timmins / Aviva
> Northern Dave: $850, TD, full coverage in Scarborough
> Dave Gordon: $880, Riders Plus, Port Hope
> Pierre R: $400
> I called TD this morning. Removing my wife as occasional driver makes 
> no difference. (We kept her on mine after selling her bike so that she 
> would have uninterrupted insurance coverage history if she ever got 
> one again.) The first person put me on to a retention person.  The 
> only way he could reduce the premium is if I dropped to under 1500 
> km/year. No, I aim to ride more, not less.
> Then he observed that as a University of Waterloo alumnus I'm eligible 
> for a group discount.  He had my info on that in his system -- I did 
> not have to substantiate it.  So TD has known all along, but never offered it to me.
> He put me on to the next person, who is with TD Monnex Meloche, 
> underwritten by Security National for this group rate.  For the same 
> bare minimum coverage, the quote was $866.  Let's just say I expressed 
> my dismay that their company knew I could have been paying hundreds of 
> dollars less per year for all the years I've been with them, but never 
> offered it.  (Naturally -- not in their interest.)
> I will be calling back to Johnson Insurance (underwritten by Unifund) 
> to verify the quote of under $500.  I'm eligible for this because of 
> membership in the staff association at work.  I also have our 
> automobiles with them but I don't know whether that made any 
> difference to the motorcycle price -- I'll ask when I call back.
> Robyn
> '93 VFR "Snow White"
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