[OntVFR] FS: Sidi Black Rain boots, new in box

Robyn Landers rblander at uwaterloo.ca
Sun Apr 29 15:38:50 EDT 2018

What little I've read does seem to suggest that the non-Gore membranes aren't quite

as good.  OTOH, the boots that I'm replacing are 15 year old Sidi Strada Tepor,

and a couple of years ago when I got caught in a heavy downpour for a couple of

hours, my feet did get wet around the edges, but not soaked, which was maybe not

so bad for the severity of rain and the age of the boots. (Tepor being Sidi's Gore-style

version at the time.)

I'm replacing them not because they leak, but because either they have shrunk a

half-size or my feet have flattened out a half-size.  Need a bit more toe room.

Plus the newer ones have a bit more armour than the old ones.


'93 VFR "Snow White"

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2 years ago I bought a pair of Sidi Adventure boots. They were available in gortex or with Sidi’s waterproof membrane. From my memory there were many complaints online for the  Sidi membrane. So for what it’s worth I bought the gortex version and have been happy with them.

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