[OntVFR] Spouses

Taylor, Brad brad.taylor at tc.gc.ca
Thu Aug 16 12:15:56 EDT 2018

Quote, "Diary entry of husband: Still can't figure out why the motorcycle won't start."

This couple obviously hadn't been married long! My wife would know right off the bat where my head was at.

But what a great Segway to discuss our better half's. I'm approaching my 26th anniversary with the woman I love. We met and forged our relationship on my 1990 VFR750. Our first ride was from Huntsville to Parry Sound and of course it rained about half way there so I turned around and headed home to get my lovely prize all dried off. I'll never forget that first ride and we've been riding together now for two and a half decades. She's happy when I'm happy and I'm happiest when she is happy. It's a great recipe for bankruptcy actually but we've been through that and it didn't break us so I doubt anything ever will. 

I hope you are all equally happy with your lives and spouses. 
I was just reading this Globe and Mail article about Dyer's Memorial in Huntsville. I has pretty much forgotten about that place but this brought back a whole bunch of memories. I hope that some of you get a chance to see this special place and there is no time like the fall for that!

Brad Taylor

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