[OntVFR] Yet another VFR

Robyn Landers rblanders at uwaterloo.ca
Wed Aug 15 12:51:07 EDT 2018

> > Heading to Guelph on Saturday to pick up a pretty complete looking 91.
> > Then I'll have two VFRs in the stable and one I can actually ride while the other gets restored. Man I have a great wife!

> +1.  Yes you do

This kind  of reminds me of an amusing meme type thing someone showed me
on the Interwebz the other day.   The photo is of a man sitting at the far end
of a couch staring off into space, and a woman at the near end of the couch
looking into the camera with despair on her face.

The text goes something like this:

Diary entry of wife:

Had plans to go out to dinner with hubby tonight. Was out shopping with my
girlfriends all day and got home a bit late.  He didn't greet me when I got home.
I apologized for being late. He just kind of mumbled. At dinner he wouldn't
talk. I asked if I had done something wrong. He said no, it's nothing about me.
On the way home I said "I love you". He smiled a little but didn't respond,
just kept driving.  Why wouldn't he say it back? I felt a chill between us.
At home we watched TV for a while but he seemed so distant.  I gave up
in despair and went to bed feeling so alone  He followed about 15 minutes
later but didn't say anything.  He must be thinking of someone else.
Have I lost him?  Is this the end?

Diary entry of husband:

Still can't figure out why the motorcycle won't start.

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