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Years ago, Honda used to have a ride centre north east of Toronto where you can rent 50cc to 80cc dirt bikes to ride on a dirt course. The course is fairly tight so you won’t get beyond 2nd gear but it is a lot of fun. I can’t find info on it any more but may be this is something similar —> https://motorcycle.honda.ca/ridingevents/juniorredriders

I’ve also been to Trail Tours a few times. It is good as long as the course is dry. If it has rained a few days before then it can get challenging for beginners as you have to stand up a lot, shift weight and go through mud and huge puddles. Slippery mud is not fun for beginners if they fall. So try to book a date after a dry spell. Also, dirt riding is very different from pavement riding. You are using different brake and sliding a lot more. Not sure if that much sliding around is suitable for street riding. But it is a good way to learn basic balancing and shifting skills. 

> On Aug 21, 2018, at 1:44 PM, Robyn Landers <rblanders at uwaterloo.ca> wrote:
> Hey, thanks for that reference, Alexander.
> Looks attractive because it seems closer to me than Ganaraska.
> Or maybe it's just not having to cross the entire GTA.
> But waitaminnit, they use Yamahas instead of Hondas!
> I can't do that, can I?  :-)
> Looks like my son and I will be in different training groups.
> Hope we'll cross paths during breaks or lunch or whatever.
> Robyn
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> Hi Robyn.
> Definitely 6 hours. 3 hours he would just finish the initial training and miss on a group ride.
> Been there, done that - an excellent experience.  Not with TrailTours.ca but with a similar company in Horseshoe Valley: http://www.smartadventures.ca/
> Heard good things about TrailTours.ca
> Starting on a dirt bike is definitely the way to go!
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