[OntVFR] 3 tanks of gas.

northernvfrdave northernvfrdave at gmail.com
Wed May 23 10:58:10 EDT 2018

Peter, you did better then me. I think I only put 2 in mine last year. Got my VFR new in 07 and put 80,000kms on it in the first 6 years. Last 4 years I've only managed 8,800km more. 
I hope you make your 10 tank goal. Mine is in storage still and most likely stay there until we can sell the condo in Toronto and get back to a little slpwer pace.
Dave Weese
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That's all I put in my VFR last year....  :(
Aiming for 10 tanks of gas this year in the 17 yr old VFR....
Will be filling up for the 2nd time this afternoon!
Need to solve a slow leak around the bead of the rear tire...  loosing almost 1 PSI /24h....
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