[OntVFR] Honda RC36

Devin Hanes Devin at thebarbers.net
Thu Sep 13 14:45:02 EDT 2018

I feel your pain.

My 1990 VFR insurance came up for renewal this past month.  $1100.  I did
not renew it.
just PL / PD
25+ years riding experience
zero claims
zero tickets

I am not getting rid of it though, as I dream of one day my insurance
being reasonable...
And my 11 year old daughter has asked for it for her 16th
birthday...Though I can not imagine how outrageous her insurance will be...



Devin Hanes, B.HSc., B.Ed., OCT.

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> One owner,1991 VFR750f  ridden every summer.The last three years my
> insurance for PL&PD has been 1100.00 per year,the last ticket i had was
> 26
> years ago .It is time to tap out .some spares anyone interested in
> giving
> this VFR a good home email veeferbill at gmail or call 905 894 8438.

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