[OntVFR] Experts raise concerns about Sikh motorcycle helmet exemption

KEVIN LEPAPE klepape at shaw.ca
Sun Sep 16 11:15:06 EDT 2018

I have two problems with this: it doesn't go far enough and there is no accompanying medical services waiver. 

To expand on this I have always opposed helmet (and seatbelt) laws. If one is stupid enough to ride/drive without then they should be allowed, nay encouraged, to do so. Sooner they are removed from the gene pool the better. 

Further, if you choose to ride/drive helmetless/beltless then you are responsible for all medical costs should you be damaged and zero compensation if killed. Maybe the insurance industry could get behind this: imagine the premiums for addons to cover riding with the breeze in your hair! And the glee they'll have at not having to pay out death benefits. 

Laws that protect ourselves alone are not required for those with half a brain. And if you cover off the medical cost issue then no-one is impacted when a helmetless moron splats. This should also apply to the leather chaps crowd in their beanie bowls and squiddley types in shorts and flip-flops. And smokers. And those that eat pepperoni sticks and don't eat their broccoli. Well, the list is endless... but should never apply to those that partake of the amber nectar of the gods 
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