[OntVFR] clutch

Robyn Landers rblanders at uwaterloo.ca
Thu Jul 4 10:02:27 EDT 2019

I think this is normal.  Does your VFR have a centrestand?
If I have mine on the stand when I start it, the rear wheel will turn forward slowly even
though the transmission is in neutral.  Probably just stiction in the clutch from the
relatively cold oil. Once it warms up for a minute, the wheel stops turning.

Did you mean to say you filled it ever so slightly over the *upper* level?
If it's just barely over the lower level, I would top it up to the upper level.

'93 VFR "Snow White"
From: OntVFR [ontvfr-bounces at vfr.on.ca] on behalf of justin sasso [justin_sasso at hotmail.com]

I bled my clutch line, and have noticed a couple times at start up that the bike, ever so slightly wants to push forward a bit. I'm going to bleed it a bit more, but curious if fluid level is a factor, as I've filled it ever so slightly above the lower level.

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