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Sat Mar 30 14:45:09 EDT 2019


I'm new to the list. I picked up a windscreen from Freddie, and he suggested I join the forum.

I thought I'd introduce myself. I've got a 5th gen that I picked up last year. I was using it to commute with last year, and didn't get much weekend riding in. I had an electrical issue which popped up, and ended my season early.

With a bunch of things going on, I didn't get a chance to go over it, but am planning to now. I've got the itch to get back on it.

I've switched companies, and need to get a bit of extra storage space, but am planning to use it to commute again. (If anyone has a top case rack they want to sell, please let me know.) At my last job, I used to park out front of my window, so I could see the bike. My boss used to complain, because it made him want one. I left the company, and three weeks later, he went out and bought a 6th gen.

Do you guys do any scheduled rides? On my car club, we always had spring and fall meets. Freddie mentioned meeting at the Tim's at 403 and Dundas.


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