[OntVFR] Sena Bluetooth 10S communicator

Andrew Carlyle carlyle.andrew at gmail.com
Wed Mar 20 09:31:01 EDT 2019

I have a Sena but haven't used it for bike to bike communication. But I
have used a cardo extensively and I think the functions are pretty similar.
I believe its voice activated so you just talk and it starts working. No
button to push.  That is how the cardo systems work and I think Sena is the
same. You may have to speak loudly to get it to "wake up" and start
transmitting but once you get it working you can just talk normally.

On Wed, Mar 20, 2019 at 8:49 AM Levente Szabo <v4vfr at hotmail.com> wrote:

> Good morning,
> Friend of mine bought the Sena 10S system and I am thinking to get one as
> well.
> Question: after you pair the two of them together to communicate with each
> other do you have to push a button to initiate a talk or both systems are
> always on and you just have a conversation with each other?
> Thanks,
> Levi
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