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Chris Miller cmiller at chrismillerphoto.com
Wed May 1 10:16:22 EDT 2019

The "3 wire fix" has been around since the original VF interceptor, I did
it to my 84 years ago - so surprising Honda didn't fix it in 20 years of

On Tue, Apr 23, 2019 at 11:27 PM Frederic Marchal <amarch0426 at rogers.com>

> I think you are referring to the plug with three yellow wires connecting
> the
> stator to the regulator.
> Both Pierre (2000) and I (1999) have has issues with the plug overheating
> and literally burning out.
> And that was in spite of cleaning the plug connectors periodically.
> Probable cause: the stator is pushing a lot of wattage through some pretty
> small gauge wires (18 gauge). Seems to be worse if your battery is not in
> perfect shape.
> In both our cases, we bypassed the plug altogether and spliced the three
> wires. So far, no other problems.
> We've been using Rotella T6 full synth for the last couple of years. My
> Irene just clocked 154,000km, and Pierre's is at 120,000km.
> I've recently done both compressionand leakdown tests, and everything is
> well within tolerances. I even do track days and FAST.
> Regards!
> Frederic
> '99 Yellow Irene
> 2017 Africa Twin
> '86 VF500
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