[OntVFR] 2000 RC46 parts or sale

Arnaud Marthouret arnaudmarthouret at gmail.com
Sat May 18 08:00:00 EDT 2019

Hey Peeps,

trying to rid my garage of some extra parts that I have lying around and
won't need anymore:

   1. 2000 VFR Stock exhaust (good condition)
   2. 2000 VFR Stock seat (good condition)
   3. 2000 VFR Stock handlebars (good condition)
   4. Soft saddlebags (used) - they look a little sad but still have life
   in them - $20
   5. Stock signal / high beam switch - $50
   6. Stock clutch slave cylinder assembly + cover plate - $75 (similar to

For the items listed without a price, make an offer I cannot refuse.
Located in downtown Toronto.

Happy to send pictures if interested.

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