[OntVFR] 3rd gen VFR parts

Robyn Landers rblanders at uwaterloo.ca
Wed May 1 15:03:51 EDT 2019

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Speaking of parts, I have a white hugger that I bought ages ago and never put on the bike.
Anybody interested?  Should fit 1990-1993.   The catch is that the previous owner had a
stone jam between the tire and the hugger and it wore a hole through.  He had it repaired
and repainted so it looks just fine, but when I tried a test-fit, the tire I had on at the time rubbed the hugger.
So maybe it needs some careful sanding inside where the fibreglas repair patch is thicker than original,
or a shim to stand it up a bit higher, or something.  I didn't have enough interest in it to make it work.

'93 VFR "Snow White"
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Last week I picked up a 1990 VFR parts bike from the US. It had a Two Brothers LH exit exhaust on it and that was really all I wanted/ needed off the bike so it's been removed. What remains is essentially a frame, engine, forks, swingarm with shock, rear brake system, rear-sets off a 1994 and a front wheel. There's also a rear sub-frame and rear fender but it has been trimmed extensively as well as a white fuel tank (dented of course) and a wire harness with ignition switch and a key! The frame is undocumented so it can't be registered and would only be good for a track bike or some such activity.

I'm open to offers for some or all of the beast. I really wish we could post pictures but they are available on request. Located 50 kms south of Ottawa.

Brad Taylor

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