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Fri May 31 10:38:04 EDT 2019

In the coolness of the mornings what I usually do is throw my rain gear
which is wind resistant and usually provides the level of protection
required. it's light and I already keep it in the bike anyway. In the
afternoon you're good to go with your normal gear.

On Fri, May 31, 2019, 10:12 AM Peter Chang <pchang.1972 at gmail.com> wrote:

> ...
> not marital sex
> ----
> rode into work last week and this week.
> ----
> on the infrequent dry days, if there's no morning pea soup fog, it's
> almost perfect to ride in....  However the temperature difference between
> the morning commute and the evening commute  can be 10-15C....
> QUESTION: would you rather be a little chilly in the morning  or too hot
> in the afternoon...  My commute is 30 or 55 minutes depending on which
> location I'm at....
> THis morning,  I rode in with my perforated leather jacket, with a heated
> vest underneath on high, grip warmers on, and dragging jean pants...  Was
> just a touch nippy at 8-9C on the display...  Without the heated vest  this
> afternoon should be perfect for the ride home....
> Peter
> 2000 Green VFR - just over 65K km
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