[OntVFR] anyone here quit riding but still on the list?

Peter Chang pchang.1972 at gmail.com
Wed Nov 13 11:51:12 EST 2019

I'm getting a quote to see what my insurance would be if I left
motorcycling for a period of time.... say 1 yr?

My current rate for the VFR is $767/yr apparently....  I put the motorcycle
away on the weekend (made it to the shed before the snow fell), and I
haven't looked but I think I have 4-5 gas entries in my log book for the
2019 season...

I'm just under $1/km for insurance... I'm not really a rider anymore....the
past few years have been about the same mileage as well...

I started riding in the spring of 2000 with a '92 FZR600.... I used to put
4-5000km /yr
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