[OntVFR] 05 CBR600 won’t start

David Davidson did at rogers.com
Thu Nov 14 18:12:23 EST 2019

Looking for some wisdom from the crowd:
Why would I even be starting the bike now, you might ask? Well, the weather caught me before I could replace the water in the cooling system to antifreeze for winter storage.  The bike is in my garage and I’ve had a heater running in there to keep things from freezing.

The bike was last running at the end of August during a track day at Shannonville. Unfortunately I did have an off, but after that the bike started and I was able to ride it back to the pits. That’s the last time it was running. I put the battery on a tender last night  and it’s all charged up. When I turn the key all the proper indicator lights are on. I do not however hear the fuel pump priming. There is no sound from the engine when I hit the starter button.


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