[OntVFR] 05 CBR600 won’t start

David Davidson did at rogers.com
Fri Nov 15 12:28:03 EST 2019

Many thanks to you and Brad for your responses.  I’m pretty confident that nothing is frozen.  I did drain as much fluid as possible and refilled it.  There was no slush that I could see down the neck.  I said “as much as possible” and not all fluid because the CBR has a separate drain plug for the cylinder block and it is near impossible to access without removing the radiator partly. In the past I would just keep flushing antifreeze through the system with the bike running until I got all of the water out.  For now I was able to get about 60% of the water out and replaced with 50/50 antifreeze.
I’m going to check the switches first as recommended.  Next I will follow the manual and try to access the cylinder block drain screw.  Tank is near full and have added sea foam.  On every attempted start I made sure the bike was in neutral, pulled in the clutch lever and the kill switch was in the run position. Side stand up.
 How could they make a maintenance item so difficult to access?
Thanks again.

> On Nov 15, 2019, at 12:02 PM, J Tam <jordantamlists at gmail.com> wrote:
> 1. Frozen water pump? make sure the water has not frozen by looking inside the rad. If you see any ice or slush, wait until Wednesday when it's all melted.
>  if the H2O is liquid,  drain all the water Now! (disconnect all hoses) and refill with a stronger solution of antifreeze, since there will be extra Water in the pump and jackets.  You can adjust the % solution later on.  For now, get the water out and fill with some concentration of antifreeze.
> 2. Fuel, electrons, kill switches? Clean the battery connections with abrasives.  Hook up your car battery with jumper cables to insure you have enough amps, and hopefully don't kill your little battery again.  Look inside the tank for fuel!  Add stabilizer now. 
> 3. Turn key to ACC and listen for fuel pump priming.  If no fuel pressure, check fuses.  Press the start button for 0.5 seconds.  If no crank, then make sure it's in neutral, KILL SWITCH set on RUN,  side stand switch is not stuck, side stand down,  ziptie the clutch lever to the bar. 
> Press button again for 0.5 seconds. 
> 4. Cheat. Spark?  Very briefly, touch the positve jumper to the starter terminal to check for bad starter, relay/solenoid, or starter-clutch.  Don't clamp the jaws onto the starter bolt, you are just glancing at it with the round outside of the jaws.  Engine should turn over.   Yank a plug and check for spark.
>   If no crank, bring bike inside overnight and try on Tuesday/Wednesday.
> I'm guessing one of the kill switches. 
> It only needs to run for 1 minute to mix up the antifreeze.
>> On Thu, Nov 14, 2019 at 6:16 PM Brad Taylor <bradtaylors117 at gmail.com> wrote:
>> Check the side stand and clutch safety switches
>> As well as neutral safety switch. Sounds like one isn’t happy
>>> On Thu, Nov 14, 2019 at 6:13 PM David Davidson <did at rogers.com> wrote:
>>> Looking for some wisdom from the crowd:
>>> Why would I even be starting the bike now, you might ask? Well, the weather caught me before I could replace the water in the cooling system to antifreeze for winter storage.  The bike is in my garage and I’ve had a heater running in there to keep things from freezing.
>>> The bike was last running at the end of August during a track day at Shannonville. Unfortunately I did have an off, but after that the bike started and I was able to ride it back to the pits. That’s the last time it was running. I put the battery on a tender last night  and it’s all charged up. When I turn the key all the proper indicator lights are on. I do not however hear the fuel pump priming. There is no sound from the engine when I hit the starter button.
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