[OntVFR] 1. Re: anyone here quit riding but still on the list? (Doug Kellam)

Robert Lambke rlambke19 at gmail.com
Sun Nov 24 15:53:10 EST 2019

If you want an unsolicited opinion and you are looking for an upright and
comfortable riding position that still maintains a fun, sporty and
flickable that can still tour with ease - look at the Yamaha Tracer (GT or

I have one and absolutely love it.

After selling my VFR years ago and dabbling in big bore Kawis - I’ve
finally come back down to earth and realized the perfect sized engine for
me is between 800 and 900cc.

Worth checking out imho.


On Sat, Nov 23, 2019 at 7:19 PM D Gordon <odysseyvegas at live.com> wrote:

> Esteemed list, Doug, I went through this myself earlier this year.  Sold
> my 07 RWB, which I loved.  My second VFR as having a 01' prior.  Just
> felt I needed a sabittical.  Take a year off and see how things go.  I
> wasn't getting much riding in, but when I did I loved it. :-)  The big
> thing is I wanted something more comfortable, upright.  Love the VFR.
> It is a true Japanese classic.  And so excellent.  But I seemed to get
> out for a few hours on a sunday only. Just want a nice comfy ride.
> Looking at, if you can believe it, a W800.  A good plod for a sundays
> ride.  But then I think I want to tour and look at used FJR's.  I'm all
> over the place.  Love bikes, but needed to step away for a bit.  But
> will be back. No shame in that as there are so many things competing for
> our time and dollars.  But the VFR is the best bike I've ever owned.
> Period. :-) Just feel a need for a change after 20 years.
> Dave
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> > 1. Re: anyone here quit riding but still on the list? (Doug Kellam)
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