[OntVFR] Shock therapy

Robyn Landers rblanders at uwaterloo.ca
Fri Nov 29 13:21:16 EST 2019

Well, apparently the bladder inside the shock that separates the oil from the nitrogen
(making it a DeCarbon design) has a pinhole leak so the oil and nitrogen can mix a bit
(making it an unintentional emulsion design), and that bladder is not repairable or
replaceable.   It's not so bad as to make the shock unusable, but I'm now on the
lookout for a replacement.   Either a stock 92-93 so I can transfer the upgraded
internals (MX Tech valve assembly) from mine, or a serious aftermarket such
as Ohlins or WP that's worth paying to have refreshed and set up.

Anybody with a 92-93 parts donor, or a line on a good used aftermarket one,
let me know.   Meanwhile I'll call Zdeno as a start.

'93 VFR "Snow White"

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Here's what I'm up to these days.
Not quite as straightforward to remove as the service manual claims, but not too much worse either. As for reassembly, well, we shall see.

'93 VFR "Snow White"

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